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Thailand – not so charitable!

The Bangkok Post reported results of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) survey which showed the sad truth about Thailand’s propensity not to give.

Out of 34 countries surveyed Thailand came in last in terms of charitable donations, community activities and environmental/ethical changes made. This from a country that claims to be so charitable and be run according to Buddhist teachings. Caring for one another and caring for the environment is truly an alien concept in Thailand, the “Land of Smiles”.

From the Bangkok Post

“Only 11% of Thai companies donate to charities, well under the global average of 65%

Just 4% of Thai firms .. participated in community activities, compared with a global average of 55%.

Thailand ranked the lowest among 34 countries in terms of socially responsible behaviour toward the workforce, such as promoting flexible working hours and locations, as well as actively promoting workforce health, diversity and equality in the workplace.

Only one-quarter of Thai business leaders said they would change products and services to reduce their negative environmental or social impacts, well below the Asian regional average of 49%.

Although 47% of Thai firms said they had taken some action to improve energy efficiency, only 20% said the same for waste management, compared with the global and regional averages of 58%.

Notably, Thai firms said tax relief was the top driver of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities for 94% of companies, followed by cost management at 78% and government pressure at 63%.

Top CSR activities undertaken by Thai companies last year included programmes to improve energy efficiency and sourcing local, ethical trade or organic products and services.”


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