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Yes, this is true, there is a dentist in Bangkok’s new airport. Not quite sure how to take this. I mean, I’ve travelled quite a lot and often found myself wondering why an airport hasn’t got this or that but never have I thought, “hey, I wish I could go get a few fillings and an extraction done between these two long flights”.

I don’t don’t know much about this place but what reports I have heard are favourable. The company is called Denta-Joy and it can be found on concourse G on the 4th floor of Suvarnabhumi airport. The website is here. So, next time you find yourself in Suvarnabhumi airport with a few hours to spare and in need of some dental work check it out. They do extractions for US$25 and a scale and polish for under US$40.

Surely this is unique to Thailand!


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