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Whilst most angles are covered when it comes to Bangkok there are a few that are regularly overlooked. One of them being travel by bike.

Bangkok is a crowded and largely traffic congested city that has long been associated with some of the worst air in the world. However, it is a great place to see by bike. It can be dangerous and you would be well advised to take all necessary precautions (helmet, pads etc) but many people have reported experiencing a surprisingly courteous attitude from drivers when perched on two wheels.

Travelling by bike you will see a side of Bangkok so often missed when sat in a taxi or on a train or bus, and will be able to cover more ground than by walking. Armed with a good street map, plenty of water and a healthy smattering of sun lotion you will be ready to take on the high roads and by roads of Bangkok.

Most airlines will allow you to carry a bike if you prefer to use your own. Normal requirement is that the pedals are removed and all parts of the bike which can move are tethered with tape or string, or simply removed. All airlines follow different rules and whilst many will not charge you for carriage of a bike there are bound to be some that will.

If you’re only planning to cycle for a short time or simply can’t be arsed to take your own then you might want to buy a bike or simply rent one for the period that you intend to be in town. Most big super/hyper markets have great deals on bog standard models (Tesco and Carrefour).

Bicycle hire is possible but not that wide spread. There’s usually a few bikes for sale/rent along Khao San Road and there are one or two companies who hire mountain bikes. Spice Roads [http://www.spiceroads.com/about/bikes] offers Trek mountains bikes from as little as 280 baht per day whilst there are several other companies who offer guided tours by bike of Bangkok, or small areas of Bangkok that are of historical importance.

Another good source of information is the Bangkok Hash House Bikers here: http://www.bangkokbikehash.com/. This is a group of like minded individuals who meet about once a month for a two-wheeled jolly and a few drinks. Might be worth an email in their direction to find out more.

Happy cycling!!

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