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The last place of any size and note before hitting Thailand’s northernmost border with Burma is Chiang Rai. Smaller than its more well known neighbour Chiang Mai, Chaing Rai is increasing in popularity with tourists and is rapidly becoming a more regular feature on travel itineraries.

At over 800km from Bangkok and without a train station it is slightly less accessible than Chiang Mai. Ways to get to Chian Rai:

Car: Obviously if you have one then fine otherwise hiring a car is always an option, with or without a driver. Talk to taxi drivers, many are prepared to drive tourists to even the most remote areas of Thailand, for a fee. Ideally you need to make sure the taxi looks half decent and then prepare to battle the price down.

Train: With no train link to Chiang Rai the only option by rail is Bangkok to Chiang Mai and then car or bus up to Chiang Rai. The train to Chiang Mai is between 250 baht and 1,400 baht depending on class and then a three hours bus journey to Chiang Rai. Green Bus offers an air-con return trip for 520 baht but cheaper options are available.

Bus: The 11 hour trip by bus can be made from Bangkok’s northern bus terminal and will cost you from 239 baht for a non-air bus up to 900 baht for a VIP air-con service with less seats. Check around the travel agents on Khao San Road and you might find other deals direct from there.

Air: Not that domestic air travel should be encouraged in any way shape or form but yes, budget flights are available. Air Asia, Nok Air, One-to-Go and the not so budget Thai Airways all offer regular daily flights. Economy return with Thai is in the region of 6,000 baht and as with most budget airlines the price varies from almost nothing up to Thai Airways prices. Having said that One-to-Go are fairly consistent at 1,750 baht one way. Sure air is great if you’re really short on time but it’s not quite the same experience as rail.


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